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Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum.Autism After 16 is dedicated to providing information and analysis of adult autism issues, with the emphasis on analysis.Both being on the spectrum, they thought it was time to start a dating site for.Dating and Autism: Free Tips. Most Recent Posts from Spectrum Solutions.Online dating can be an easier route for those who have trouble initiating conversation.

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What should you know about dating someone on the autism spectrum.Find the right person to spend some time with by joining our autistic personals site tonight.Featured Help for Dating Someone with High Functioning Autism.A Mom And Daughter With Autism Just Started A Dating Site For People On The Spectrum.

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Autism diagnosis rates have increased dramatically over the last two decades (the latest CDC reports show one in 50 children are diagnosed), and while much attention.Cantu and Fitzpatrick said they hope Spectrum Singles members will feel at ease on their site for that very reason.

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There is more evidence that a minority of autistic children may eventually overcome their developmental issues, but experts caution that such recovery is rare.

Add a child with an autism spectrum disorder or other special needs, and marriage can become downright difficult. Drs.

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Navigating the World of Dating and Relationships with Autism Maurice Snell, who is on the spectrum, shares his dating advice.We do not endorse or recommend any single method, treatment, product.

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Dating for autistic spectrum singles in the UK must be done carefully.

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Dating poses the same basic challenge for everyone: trusting someone else.Certain characteristics associated with the autism spectrum inherently go against typical dating norms.

I mention honestly that I have two kids on the Autism Spectrum and that I.

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Autism Chat City is for those who have high functioning Autism or for singles who want to meet and chat with Autistic people.

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Adults and Adolescents with an Autism Spectrum Disorder The Adolescent Years.But with the right tips and tools, many can learn how to connect in a dating relationship.Most dating sites are not designed for people who are on the autistic spectrum and often their profiles get sidelined.

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According to the latest statistics, 1 in 88 children are on the autistic spectrum,.Flirting with Danger: Dating Fails on the. part and parcel of my autism spectrum.